Creating a Smart Grid (Web)

Smart Grid allows you to format a persistent grid where each cell holds one image. This feature can help present ideas and storyboard your illustrations or images within your workspace.

You can specify the number of rows, columns, and cell height and width. In addition, images auto-fit to cells and respect aspect ratio.

Note: Smart Grid differs from the alignment tool, which arranges group selected assets in a grid format but does not create a persistent grid object.

There are two ways to create a Smart Grid on the Web client:

  • Create an empty Smart Grid, then drag and add images
  • Group Select images, then Create Grid

Creating an Empty Smart Grid

You can create an empty Smart Grid and move images into it afterward.

To create an empty Smart Grid:

  1. Enter a workspace on the Web client.

  2. Click the :add_content: Add Content icon in the toolbar.

  3. The Add content tray opens. Click the Smart Grid option.

  4. The Add grid pop-up screen appears with an outline of the Smart Grid behind it. The default dimensions for an empty grid are 5 by 5 cells, with cell width and height set to 500.

  5. Adjust the Columns, Rows, Cell width, and Cell height using the + and buttons.
    Note: You can click and hold the + and - buttons to rapidly increase or decrease the values.
    Adjust Columns, Rows, and Cell Width/Height

  6. Click Add grid when you are finished.

A grid with the dimensions you specified appears.

You can now begin populating the Smart Grid with images.

Create a Smart Grid Using a group of images

  1. Enter a workspace on the Web client.

  2. Group select a collection of images. A blue border outlines the assets, and a toolbar of icons displays.

  3. Click :more_options: More Options icon to open the context menu.

  4. Click Create Grid.

  5. The Add grid pop-up window opens. The columns and rows will default to fit the number of images selected.

  6. Adjust the grid and cell size as necessary.

  7. Click Add grid when you are finished.

The grid appears with the dimensions you set and the selected images inside it.

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