Creating a Smart Grid (Wall)

Support Note
Your experience can be streamlined to be consistent, whether using Bluescape on a large-format display, desktop, or web browser. The legacy Wall client is no longer available and will not be maintained. Learn how to Install the Bluescape Native Application on a Large Format Touch Display today and experience the upgrades first-hand.

If you already have Bluescape set up on your large format device, read Creating a Smart Grid.

Smart Grid allows you to format images in a persistent grid object. You can specify the number of rows, columns, and cell height and width. Each cell can contain one image. In addition, images auto-fit to cells and respect aspect ratio. This is useful for presenting and story-boarding.

Note: Using the Smart Grid is different from aligning and arranging assets, which arranges group selected assets in a grid format but does not create a persistent grid object.

Using Bluescape from a web browser? Learn about smart grids for web.

There are two ways to create a Smart Grid. One is after group selecting images to be contained in the grid. The other is to create an empty grid.

To create a Smart Grid using a group of images:

  1. Enter a workspace on the Wall.
  2. Group select a collection of images.
  3. The group is surrounded by a blue boundary box, and a toolbar of icons displays.
  4. Tap the :line_styling_2: (More options) icon.
  5. Tap the Create Grid option.
  6. The Grid Settings field opens, with an outline of the Smart Grid visible beneath it. The columns and rows default to fit the number of images selected.
  7. Tap Create when you are finished. The grid displays with the dimensions you set, and with the selected images inside it.

You can also create an empty Smart Grid and move images into it afterward.

To create an empty Smart Grid:

  1. Enter a workspace on the Wall.
  2. Tap the :smart_grid: (Grid) icon in the toolbar.
    The Grid Settings field opens, with an outline of the Smart Grid visible beneath it. The default dimensions for an empty grid are 5 by 5 cells, with cell width and height set to 1000. Adjust the columns, rows, cell width, and cell height using the + and – buttons.
  3. Tap Create.

The grid appears with your dimensions. Now you can begin populating your Smart Grid.

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