Connecting a Box Business Account to Popsync with Client Credentials

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape users and may not apply to all teams. If you’re unsure whether your team has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

Enterprise customers can follow these steps to set up Popsync to access Box using Client Credentials and finally search for images using Popsync.

1. Create a Box app with Client Credentials

You can see instructions from here or follow these basic steps (you must have access to the Developer Console from your Box business account):

  1. Log into Box and visit the Developer Console. Select the Create New App button in the top right corner.

  2. Select Custom App from the list of application types and provide basic application information.


  3. Make sure you select Server Authentication (with Client Credentials Grant).


  4. Navigate to the Authorization tab.


  5. Select Review and Submit.


  6. Ask your Box Business account Admin to authorize your app so that you can integrate it with Popsync.


  7. Once your Admin authorizes your app, obtain the following information from the Box Developer Console (select the app you created and authorized from previous steps). You need your Admin to set up Box for Popsync to share images.
             i. From the General Settings tab, obtain your ENTERPRISE_ACCOUNT_ID and             SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL.

             ii. From the Configuration tab, obtain your CLIENT_ID and select the Fetch Client Secret             button to get CLIENT_SECRET.


2. Setting up user’s Box account

If you don’t have a Box account, create one:

  1. Go to and sign up for a free individual account.

  2. Once the account is created, add images/folders to your account.

  3. For each image/folder you want to share with the Business account, hover the mouse over the image/folder and select Share (Popsync can only search for images you or other collaborators have shared).


            i. Add SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL (from step Part 1, Step 7) and select Send. This is how           you share images with the Box Service account.
            ii. Step 2.i is important because its folder tree is empty when creating an application (Part 1).          Users must share images with the SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL to add some content to          the created Box Business Account. More details are available here.

3. Setting up Box to use Client Credentials

  1. Go to Bluescape Home > Popsync tab.

  2. Scroll to Digital asset management integrations > Box and select Manage.
            i. If you don’t see the Box > Manage button, go to Config Center > Settings, pick a team           of which you are an Admin, and toggle Box for Popsync to the blue, ‘on’ position. Then go           back to step 2 and refresh if needed.
  3. Toggle Enable business account credentials for Popsync to the blue, ‘on’ position.

         i. In the Setup tab (seen in the previous image), give a name to the Connection Name you are         setting up (so you know that you are handling Box with Client Credentials) and add the         following fields (from step Part 1, Step 7):
              * CLIENT_ID
              * CLIENT_SECRET

4. Search Box images from Popsync (using Client Credentials)

  1. Before you search from Popsync, try searching for images from the Box app, as the images may not be available immediately after uploading and sharing them. Once you can search from the Box app, you can use Popsync.

  2. Go to a workspace in the Team where you have set up Box to use client credentials (as mentioned in Part 3, Step 2).
  3. From the Popsync dialog, select the provider’s list and select the one with the same name you provided in Part 3, Step 3,i for the “Connection Name” (it has the Box icon).

  4. Search for images using a substring from the image’s file name you shared with the Box Service account in Part 2, Step 3. If you use the keyword “file,” you may see all shared images in the results.


Known Issue

The “Open Original” link works only for images you uploaded to Box. This link opens the image within your Box account. If another user shares the image, you cannot access it unless that person explicitly shares it with you (not to the Service account). Therefore, it is the expected behavior if you cannot open an image if it was not uploaded by you or shared with you.

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