Configuration Center Overview

Navigate the administrative side of Bluescape. Click to play the video.

The Configuration Center allows administrative users to manage various Organization settings all in one place. This allows you to customize your Organization and manage users, access levels, and features faster and more efficiently.

Note: Depending on whether you are an Organization Owner or Admin, you will have different capabilities in the Configuration Center. For more information on these roles, see Organization Roles.

To access the Configuration Center from your My Bluescape page, click the admin_icon (Admin) icon in the top banner.

The Configuration Center is made up of different pages that can be accessed by the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

Menu Capabilities

For Organization Owners and Organization Admins, the different areas of the Configuration Center (in order of the icons in the menu bar) are:

Organizations - Displays the Organizations you belong to and the settings enabled for them.
Users - Displays all active users that belong to a selected Organization, and allows you to add a user, change a user's role in an Organization, or delete a user from Bluescape.
Groups - This allows you to manage user groups synced to external Active Directory groups.
Settings - This allows you to control multiple settings at the Organization level, such as:
  • Setting admin approval for guest invites
  • Allow workspace owners to archive and delete a workspace
  • Allow workspace users to create public workspaces
  • Enabling and disabling templates in an Organization
  • Managing content upload options (e.g., local files from your desktop and cloud storage from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive)
Roles - Displays comprehensive information about user roles in the selected Organization (e.g., role permissions, type, and descriptions) and Workspace roles.
Integrations - This allows you to enable and disable integrations of third-party applications with Bluescape.
Analytics - Provides self-serve reports and graphs to express the utilization and consumption of users, workspaces, and clients.
Applications - This allows you to create and manage tokens (from connecting the Bluescape API to external or third-party systems).
My Bluescape - Navigates away from the Configuration Center and opens your My Bluescape home page. Note: In the above video, Portal has been renamed My Bluescape.

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