Collapsible Hierarchy List

May we have collapsible hierarchy list - " in a collapsible hierarchy, users can collapse and expand parent rows to show and hide child records (from web search for the definition of Collapsible Hierarchy List)

Hey there, @eric-holt-DU. You always have really interesting ideas and requests. Solving this one was definitely a fun challenge. :thinking: I believe I’ve found a functional, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing way to achieve something like this in the current Bluescape version using a feature released several months after you first posted this wishlist feature request.

There is, of course, room for growth and improvement in our product, and some future version may include an alternative to this workflow.

I hope, for now, that these examples are helpful and give you some ideas on achieving a list-like birds-eye view in a Bluescape workspace while still being able to narrow your focus to only a branch of detail when necessary. :smiling_face: