Clock + Timezone function?

Hi Bluescape team,
Many of our users use Bluescape with “public area” large monitors (some are touch, others are not) as digital signage when not being actively collaborated on. As such, many users in the situation are requesting an ability to drop a clock(s) into the workspace, with the appropriate selectable time zone(s). An old version of Bluescape had this capability, but it was never fully fleshed out, and never quite was found useful as it didn’t list all the time zones. The newer GEN3 version of Bluescape seems to have lost this feature all together. Is this something we can formally request to be put back in?

The feature would ideally allow a workspace collaborator to drop a clock(s) anywhere on the workspace so it could be added in with other elements as needed. Timezone setting would be crucial, as well as the capability to drop in multiple time zones in a single view.

Thanks for any info, Nate