Can You Hide a Canvas Border?

Did you know that you can hide the borders of all workspace canvases? By default, the borders of the canvas are visible. You may choose to hide borders for cosmetic reasons or tidy the workspace. If you disable this feature, all canvas borders will be hidden. This is an all-or-none feature; you can hide or reveal all canvases or none at all.

To hide canvas borders:

  1. Open the workspace containing the canvas borders you want to hide.
  2. Click the :more_options: (More options) icon near the top left of the workspace. A flyout menu opens.
  3. To disable the display of canvas borders, slide the Show canvas toggle switch to the left (or the Off position).

All of the canvas borders in the workspace disappear. To redisplay them, simply re-access :more_options: more options menu and slide the Show canvas toggle switch to the right – returning it to the On position.

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