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What is Popsync? :poppy:

Popsync presents a new way to search for and find the right image. Popsync lets anyone quickly search for images across image sources, including Bing Images, Unsplash, Google Images, and Pexels. It seamlessly populates and organizes image results neatly in canvases in a Bluescape workspace.

Why use Popsync?

Popsync eliminates the administrative time it takes an individual to search for images across multiple tabs. Insƒtead, Popsync enables users to search a term or phrase, provides recommended search terms, and populates associated images into canvases in a collaborative Bluescape workspace.

Popsync reduces search time, refines image searches, and, most importantly, the workspace allows others to collaborate, share, and discuss the images in real-time.

Is Popsync a new product? :thinking:

No, Popsync is not a new product. Popsync is a service built on top of Bluescape that you can use within Bluescape or from

Popsync is a new way to search, curate, save, and share images in a workspace. It’s also a fun way to kickstart creativity and populate your workspace.

How can I start using Popsync?

As an existing Bluescape user, you can immediately start using Popsync in your Bluescape workspace. Select the :poppy: (Popsync) icon from the top of your workspace to initiate an image search.

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If you’ve never tried Bluescape before, visit and enter your search into the Search Bar. Popsync searches multiple image search providers based on search terms. Once you enter your search term, endless image results populate. Select the images you want to use in your workspace and select Add.
Performing an image search in

How do I see and manage my search results?

Popsync image search results automatically appear on the results page. Use the search bar to search for the images. From your search results, hover over an image to add it to your collection. Once you’ve added images to your collection, place them into a workspace by selecting View collection.

Note: Search criteria for each provider are slightly different. So, you may see non-relevant images based on your selected image provider(s).

How do I save my search results?

Search results appear in a Bluescape workspace. When you search from an existing workspace, all results are saved in real time, whereas when you create a new workspace or begin your search from, you must save your workspace to keep or share your results. This can be found at the top right corner of your workspace. You must log in to Bluescape or create an account to save your results.
Save workspace

Can I crop my Popsync images?

Yes, you can crop Popsync images or any image you upload to a workspace. See Using the Image Cropping Feature for details.

Can I share my workspace?

Yes, you can share your newly populated Popsync workspace with other collaborators. Bring in fresh ideas and make decisions quickly in real time.

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What is link-out attribution?

Popsync provides a link to an image’s source. For Unsplash search results, when you select the link at the bottom of the image, you are taken to the artist’s Unsplash page, where you can easily view more of their work.

For other search engines, for example, Bing Images, the link at the bottom of the image takes you to the image’s source page.

Can I exclude offensive content?

By default, Popsync image search results omit potentially upsetting content regardless of whether the keyword was intentionally searching for the upsetting content. To modify this setting, select :more_options: (Filters) and toggle off Exclude offensive content.

What if I want to connect my DAM (digital asset manager) to Popsync?

Great minds think alike. :wink: We’re working on making this a possibility for Bluescape members. Check the community for Product Updates as we work to improve the Popsync experience.

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