Bluescape Community Overview

Welcome to the Bluescape Community!

Let us help you navigate your way through the community to make the most of your time here.

Why Join the Bluescape Community?

The Bluescape Community exists to provide our members with access to knowledge and resources, peer-to-peer support, and a network of creative and inspiring Bluescape members. In one shared space, community members, Bluescape members, and Bluescape staff come together to collaborate and create a positive environment for all.

How to Join the community

Anyone is welcome to join and read discussions in the Bluescape Community. However, you will need to create an account to participate and engage. This includes asking a question, responding to topics and creating a new topic.

When you sign up to be a part of the Bluescape Community, only your username will be visible to other community members. Create an account with as anonymous of a username as you’d like.

We kindly ask that you please read our Community FAQ and Guidelines before participating.

Ways to Participate in the Community:

The Bluescape community is an open discussion forum. There are many ways to network and connect with other Bluescape members and participate in the community. You can ask questions and get help from others, share your insights and opinions, share how you’re using Bluescape, learn about new features and product updates. Discover even more ways How to Get Involved.

Learn Your Way Around the Homepage:

On the homepage, you’ll see several elements that you can interact with:

  • In the header, with a Bluescape sign-on, you can jump from the Bluescape Community and Bluescape by clicking “Go to Bluescape”.
  • Quick Links to the Announcement category and Service Updates
  • Search Bar – search for any keywords you’re looking for more information on, such as “canvas,” “workspace,” “toolbar,” and more.
  • Start a Discussion
  • Browse all categories
  • Read the most popular topics
  • Find what you’re looking for using tags

Discover Categories and Subcategories

Not where to post your questions or look for an answer? We’ve made it easy to navigate around with community categories and subcategories.



Using Bluescape


  • Share custom templates Made by You and explore how other members work with templates



  • Stay up updated on Bluescape’s Service Status
  • Get answers to all your Account and Administrative inquiries – e.g., activation, setup, configuration, and general management of your accounts.
  • Find answers to all your troubleshooting questions about the Bluescape Wall in Hardware Help
  • Have feedback for us? Start a topic in Product Feedback.
  • Want to share an idea of how we can improve our community? Share it with us in Community Feedback.

Learn About Participant Titles

Community Moderators are Bluescape employee moderators.

Bluescaper refers to all Bluescape members.

Volunteer Moderators are community moderators outside of the Bluescape organization.

Additionally, members can earn Badges based on participation and specific actions taken in the community. Once you receive a particular set of badges, you will earn a participant title for your engagement in the community.

There are four participation titles a community member can earn; Welcome, Intermediate, Experienced, and BluePro. Visit the Badges page in your Account Summary to see a list of all your earned badges.

Where to Next?

Not what you were looking for? Reply below or Search the community and discover more Bluescape.