Aligning and Arranging Assets (Web)

You can align assets in a workspace along a common left, right, top, bottom, horizontal, or vertical line. In addition, you can arrange them vertically, horizontally, and into a grid or table-like format inclusive of rows and columns.

To align or arrange assets:

  1. Use the group select action to highlight multiple assets in a workspace.

  2. Click the Alignment Icon (Alignment) icon in the asset toolbar. The Alignment menu opens.

While the first menu group (in red) allows you to arrange assets, the second menu group (in green) allows you to align them.

The table below provides the arrange options (in red).

Position Definition
Vertical Arrange assets in a single column (and evenly spaced).
Horizontal Arrange assets in a single row (and evenly spaced).

Best Practice: The Arrange feature does not resize assets and, as such, they are arranged according to the height or width of the largest asset in the group. To avoid an uneven arrangement of assets, resize all assets in the group prior to arranging them.

The table below provides the alignment options (in green).

Position Definition
Left Align assets flush left.
Vertical Center of assets aligns vertically.
Right Align assets flush right.
Top Align assets with the top-most group asset.
Horizontal Center of assets aligns horizontally.
Bottom Align assets with the bottom-most group asset.

Note: Aligning assets may cause them to overlap. To prevent this, ensure there is appropriate vertical and/or horizontal spacing among assets.

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