Adding Text to a Workspace (Wall)

Support Note
Your experience can be streamlined to be consistent, whether using Bluescape on a large-format display, desktop, or web browser. The legacy Wall client is no longer available and will not be maintained. Learn how to Install the Bluescape Native Application on a Large Format Touch Display today and experience the upgrades first-hand.

If you already have Bluescape set up on your large format device, read Adding Text to a Workspace.

You can add and format text in a workspace by using text boxes that hold up to 3,000 characters. Customize the text to suit your needs with various fonts, colors, and styles.

Add Text from the Wall

  1. Tap :text: text in the toolbar to open a new text box.
  2. Enter text in the field. If needed, resize the field horizontally by dragging the node on the left or right.
  3. Customize the text with the following options:
    • Font
    • Bold
    • Italicize —Note that certain fonts cannot be italicized, including the default font, Dosis.
    • Uppercase/Lowercase
    • Text Color
    • Background Color
    • Text Size
  4. Tap outside of the text box to save it in the workspace.

Edit Text from the Wall

  1. Long touch the text box.
  2. The keyboard opens. Edit the text as needed.
  3. Tap outside of the text box to close the keyboard.

Note: Text boxes created or edited from the web or desktop client cannot be edited on the wall.

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