Adding a Guest to a Workspace

Guest users can be invited to a workspace by users or administrators even if they do not belong to any existing Organization. However, the role does have the following limitations:

  • In Workspaces list on the portal, guests can only view the workspaces they have been invited to. Public workspaces they have not been invited to do not appear in the list.
  • They cannot create new workspaces.
  • They cannot invite other guests and collaborators to view a workspace.
  • They can see the names of the other users in their workspace, but cannot view the names of users in the Organization who are not part of that workspace.

To add a guest to a workspace:

  1. Follow the steps to add a collaborator from a workspace.

  2. When you add the guest’s email address, the drop-down Invite “< guest email address>” appears. Click to create the entry.

  3. Click Add. An introductory email with the subject line “You can now access Bluescape” is sent to the guest from If the guest does not see it in their inbox, they should check their spam folder.

  4. When the guest clicks the Access Workspace button in the email, they are sent to the account creation page where they must enter a name, email address, and password.

  5. The guest then clicks Get started to complete the login process.
    The guest can now access the workspace they were invited to. They are identified by a Guest tag beside their name on the Workspace Collaborators page.

Note: The email invitation to guests expires after 14 days. If the guest does not accept the invitation within that timeframe, you must resend their invitation.