Add Hyperlinking to Comments and Text on Shapes

Hi All - another point of feedback from our pilot users.

Add hyperlinking in comments: Many are asking for the ability to place hyperlinks in comments, or autodetect a link when starting with a common web url such as HTTPS://.

Passing along. Thanks for all the great work!

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Thanks for this feedback, Nate. This feedback got me thinking too, it would be great if we could add hyperlinking to both comments and text on shapes.

Keep the feedback coming! :+1:

Thanks Kristen - more to come, I am sure, as we continue to work with our pilot users!

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Add hyperlinking to pictures would be great too.

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+1 agree with Eric. Bluescape is quickly becoming a platform environment that needs to be navigable via designated alternate means. We are seeing a pattern where owners/powerusers are “developing” the workspace for users ahead of time and are seeking the ability to control the narrative a little more via separating canvases. This of course necessitates the ability to jump back and forth between elements in the workspace and other ‘links.’


Hey hey - picking up where we left off…
One of these #wishlist features that got proposed back in May is now a reality. We made some enhancements to workspace navigation and object hyperlinking was added this autumn. So, @eric-holt-DU, you can now easily link to pictures. :framed_picture: :arrow_left: :arrow_right: :framed_picture:

Any other member who echoes @Nate’s interest in Comments auto-detecting URLs, please share your feedback here. Thank you.

Fantastic. I tried it out. Great feature. Now we need a Shift-O Open Link option. How do we make that happen?

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@eric-holt-DU - I like it! Thanks for the suggestion! I will ensure that the Bluescape Product and Development teams get your feedback for consideration for a future release.