Accessing Bluescape Home from the Wall

Support Note
Your experience can be streamlined to be consistent, whether using Bluescape on a large-format display, desktop, or web browser. The legacy Wall client is no longer available and will not be maintained. Learn how to Install the Bluescape Native Application on a Large Format Touch Display today and experience the upgrades first-hand.

If you already have Bluescape set up on your large format device, read Lobby Screen Settings for Large Displays.

To enter Bluescape Home from the wall lobby:

  1. Tap Log in to Bluescape on the wall lobby.
  2. A new screen displays a URL. Enter the URL on the screen into your web browser.
  3. The URL opens a new page. Enter the Wall’s 5-digit PIN on the web browser.
  4. Select the Login to wall button.
  5. Bluescape Home loads on the Wall.

From the web, you can also send a workspace to the wall by clicking :send_to_wall: (Send to wall).

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