4 Ways to Help Grow your Network in the Community

When you establish your footprint in the Bluescape Community, you’re connecting with other like-minded members who are also professionally successful.

With that being said, here are 4 ways to help grow your network within the Bluescape Community:

1. Become a conversation leader :studio_microphone:

Start a discussion to become a conversation leader and inspire others to engage in your topic. After all, this is how networking begins - conversation! You can also encourage new members to engage and become conversation leaders of their own.

2. Engage in Discussion from Other Members :pencil2:

Participating in the discussion led by other members allows for mutual connection to happen. Actively collaborating to solve a problem and provide expertise or feedback benefits everyone in the Community.

3. Listen, listen, listen :ear:

Listening and thinking critically before engaging in conversation is essential for building connections in your network.

4. Ask questions :speech_balloon:

We encourage curiosity and wonder in the Bluescape Community. Don’t be afraid to ask the community if you have a general thought or specific question. This is how networking connections are made!

We hope this helps. Learn more in How to Get Involved.