Bluescape Support Policy

February 1, 2023

Bluescape Maintenance and Support Policy

Effective November 1, 2022

This Bluescape Maintenance and Support Policy (“Maintenance and Support”) is issued under and forms a component of the Bluescape Terms and Conditions which references this policy. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Bluescape Terms and Conditions. Bluescape may modify this Maintenance and Support Policy from time to time, however, any modifications to the Maintenance and Support Policy will not materially decrease Bluescape’s support obligations.

Bluescape provides Maintenance and Support based on the Bluescape Service tier provisioned by the Customer.

Bluescape Tier Support Type
Free/Go Community
Team Edition Community + Email Support
Business Edition Community + Email Support + Video Chat Support + SLA
Enterprise Edition Community + Private Community + Email Support + Video Chat + SLA
Enterprise Edition – Enhanced Community + Private Community + Email Support + Video Chat + SLA + Dedicated Technical Support Agent

Bluescape Community

The Bluescape Community is located at The Bluescape Community provides access to all product documentation and tutorials, as well as a Q&A section between Community members and Bluescape community and support personnel. The Bluescape Community is publicly available, so Bluescape advises all who have access the community to not post any private or confidential data to the Bluescape Community.

Bluescape Private Community

The Bluescape Private Community is a private community within the general community used to escalate support inquiries, product feedback, and account specific questions. The Bluescape community team and support team have access to the Bluescape Private Community, so Bluescape advises all who have access to a Private Community to not post any private or confidential data to the Bluescape Community.

Email Support

Bluescape Email Support enables customers to submit a ticket (“Ticket”) to Bluescape support if they experience a problem with the Bluescape Service that they are not able to solve through the Bluescape Community. Tickets are submitted to In connection with submitting a Ticket, Subscriber will: (i) notify Bluescape promptly of problems Subscriber has experienced with the Bluescape Service, and provide Bluescape with information regarding the problem sufficient to enable Bluescape to reproduce the problem; (ii) provide Bluescape with reasonable assistance, as requested, in addressing a resolution of the problem; and (iii) provide Bluescape with appropriate access consistent with Subscriber’s confidentiality, safety and security procedures to enable Bluescape to reproduce the problem (where any information obtained from such access shall be considered Confidential Information (as defined below of Subscriber). Bluescape will acknowledge receipt of a Request immediately via its automated response system, but in any event within a commercially reasonable time thereafter.

Video Chat Support

Bluescape Video Chat Support provides customers with the ability to speak to Bluescape support directly through a dedicated AV conferencing support room during Bluescape Standard Support Hours.

Dedicated Technical Support Agent

The Bluescape Enterprise Edition – Enhanced tier provides the Customer with a dedicated technical support agent. This direct access to a technical support agent will provide additional escalation of Ticket submissions and consistent communications with a technical support agent who is aware of the Customer history of accessing the Bluescape Service.

Bluescape SLA

Severity Level Priority Support Hours Type Acknolwedge Receipt Begin Investigation Provide Updates To Customer

Level 1

• Service Crash
• Security & Data Breach
• 0-day Security Fix
• User is unable to access service/is completely blocked
• Any crash & compromise around a user profile/permission model
Critical 24 x 7 Support < 1 hour Immediately Every hour

Level 2

• Group productivity impaired
• Confidential information getting stored in the logs
• Issue unable to be avoided on a temporary basis
High Standard Support < 4 hours < 4 hours Every 4 hours

Level 3

• Individual productivity impaired
• GDPR request to query/remove user
• personal information
Medium Standard Support < 24 hours (1 business day) < 24 hours Every 24 hours

Level 4

• All other issues
Low Standard Support < 24 hours (1 business day) < 5 hours Every 48 hours

Bluescape Standard Support Hours

Bluescape Standard Support (“Standard Support”) are Monday through Friday, US national holidays excluded, from 5:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST. For Level 1 Critical Tickets, Bluescape will provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (“24 by 7 Support”).

Bluescape Support for Customer On-Prem Deployments

If Subscriber is hosting the Bluescape Service either on-premises or through a non-Bluescape managed captive cloud, Bluescape support service shall be limited to supporting a staging environment only and shall have no responsibility for Subscriber’s production or live environments. Bluescape will provide scripts and programmatic routines to perform upgrades to staging environment. These scripts can be modified by the Subscriber to perform production upgrades; the Subscriber is responsible for using the release scripts to perform upgrades and modifications of any kind to the production environments. Bluescape will require access to the staging environments through VPN or other mutually agreed upon means in order to perform upgrades and maintenance in keeping with the Bluescape development process and schedule.

If Subscriber utilizes the Bluescape Services on-premises or through a non-Bluescape managed captive cloud, rather than through a Bluescape hosted environment, and fails to upgrade within ninety (90) days of any release, Bluescape support and maintenance shall be limited to making the current version of Update available to Subscriber.

Bluescape Support Exclusions

Except as set forth above, no other support services are provided by Bluescape. Bluescape will have no obligation to provide maintenance or support services of any kind for problems in the operation or performance of the Bluescape Service to the extent caused by any of the following (“Customer-Generated Error”): (i) any data, files, database or non-Bluescape software used in conjunction with the Bluescape Service; (ii) Customer’s use of the Bluescape Service other than as authorized in the Bluescape Terms and Conditions ; or (iii) Customer’s use of an outdated Bluescape Service (ie. any Bluescape Service ninety (90) days or older from the current release or Updates). If Bluescape determines that it is necessary to perform services for a problem in the operation or performance of the Bluescape Service that is caused by a Customer-Generated Error, then Bluescape will notify Customer as soon as Bluescape is aware of such Customer-Generated Error. Bluescape will not commence any such services until approved by Customer. If such services are performed, Bluescape will have the right to invoice Customer at Bluescape’s then-current professional services rates for such services performed by Bluescape.