Installation Resources

Bluescape Enterprise Wall Client for Windows Installation Guide

This document instructs users how to install the Bluescape Enterprise Wall Client for Windows.

Installation Guide for Bluescape Touch Displays

This Bluescape installation guide applies to the specific single touch display models listed in the "Certified Monitor Models and Configurations" document below. Any touch display model not listed should be verified by Bluescape to ensure its compatibility.

Certified Monitor Models and Configurations

While remaining agnostic regarding the exact display hardware and touch technology, Bluescape does certify specific display models and configurations on which we have verified a high and supportable quality of the user experience with the Bluescape wall client software. These certified models and configurations are listed in the attached document.

Bluescape Enterprise Wall Client for Windows - Hardware Recommendations

This document details our hardware recommendations for optimal performance when using Bluescape Enterprise Wall Client for Windows.

Quick Connect Guide for Bluescape Controllers and Single Touch Displays

The following table summarizes the proper connection for each display to the NVIDIA K5200 graphics card on the back of the Bluescape Controller.

Wall Controller Hardware Power Requirements

The small and large controllers have the following specifications relative to the physical environment that they need to be installed into. There are also network connectivity requirements that are detailed below.